Low Clouds

It’s all gone white

Where you used to be

Tear through the pages

back to what I’ve seen

All of the words

Have faded

I saw them ahead

They were gone when I got to the end

C: I’m spotless

And I’m Lost

in the low clouds

Don’t even know how

To feel to feel to feel

 I saw a flash

And I don’t remember anything

I cleared the cacheGot rid of everything




It feels like

Another life

Has come and gone

Was it so long ago

C: Did I know you

Did you know me

Were we lying

Just to make us happy

Can you recall

Were we in love

Do you remember at all

What we let go of



Before I Leave

I lie awake

Waiting for your call

I’d drive all night

I would even crawl

I will walk these streets

I’ll stay up all night

Until you’re in these sheets

Until you say you’re mine

C:So, baby, baby, baby comeback Before I leave

If we both collide

Do you think we’ll find

What we’re looking for

Or will we want more

If you leave tonight

I will be just fine




I didn’t come here for you

I came to find my truth

I thought you would save me

But you’re the one who needs saving

I got away from the fire

I left no tracks to follow

I wasn’t thinkin’ of tomorrow

I made it out as the walls came down


I stayed all I could 

I gave all I had

It was out of my hands

It was out of my hands(x2)

All of dust has surrounded

I couldn’t wait for it to fall

Then I stood underneath the dark sky

And I remembered I am small



The Valley

The river tells me I’m not alone

If I think that I’m drownin’ I am wrong

The ice is melting down the mountain slow

If I wait too long I will not go

C:Been down by the water so long

I’m gonna ride this river home

I told it all my secrets it overflowed

Up into the hills and down the road

This is where our love will not run cold

And this is where we started growing old