Hollow Twin are what can only be described as one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Its sound is bleak yet entirely inviting, a strange combination that keeps you yearning for more. ”

Danielle De Wolfe, One Stop Record Shop UK

You know those rainy September days? The kind when the drizzle is heavy but the air is still sweet with the scents of wildflowers and sun baked grass. It was that kind of day when Emmalee Watts and Becky Wosk first met, each carrying heavy textbooks and hot cups of coffee, neither rushing for cover, both happy to soak up the last drops of summer. They would soon discover they had much in common. They lived only blocks away from each other at the top of a mountain in North Vancouver and they quickly bonded over their common affinity for the musically iconic era of the 60's and 70's. 

Making up for lost time, they became inseparable. Bonding over their connection to bands like Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin, and the wild festival lifestyle of the era, they both were convinced they had been there in a previous life. Had they always known each other? Were they kindred spirits, Woodstock soul sisters, or even twins? It was clear: no matter what had happened in their past, they had something brewing for their future. They quickly realized they were brought together to make their version of the music they had loved long before they met in this lifetime. 

Emmalee's deep sultry voice and vintage guitar tones paired with Becky's soulful vocals and seemingly endless lyrics drove the beginning of this duo's collaboration. Growing steadily together as a folk duo under the name "Chatterton Eve", the pair soon wanted to make their sound much bigger, just like their heroes of the past. They made the switch from acoustic guitar to electric, added bass and drums, paving the way for a bigger, soulful sound. With this fresh start, they needed a name. One that spoke to their undeniable connection, the unspoken understanding they shared. As they sat amidst a crowd of strangers in a crowded Montreal airport, the two tired girls huddled together, grateful for each other's company, the name came to them clear as a bell: "Hollow Twin", and from that moment on, they were. 

The band quickly began to move forward with great momentum. After showcasing at CMW in 2014, playing a variety of venues, opening for names like Mt. Joy, Repartee, The Darcy's, Sky Wallace, and The Lion The Bear The Fox, Hollow Twin began to make its mark in a big way.'