Hollow Twin has only been recording music for eight years but listening to their haunting, cerebral music, the dark folk-rock duo sounds like they’ve been doing this for eighteen years.” - Gen Handley

Vancouver Weekly

Doomed and desolate, Hollow Twin have created a poignant an eerie battlefield, at war both within the song's sonic make-up and its lyrical theme. This is so efficiently executed, we at When The Horn Blows hold our hands up in complete surrender.” - Karla Harris

When The Horn Blows

Hollow Twin

Hollow Twin is dark folk-rock based in Vancouver, BC. The band is fronted by Emmalee Watts and Becky Wosk, who bonded over their old souls and love of classic rock music. The two have been making music together since 2012. Hollow Twin is described as moody, soulful, poignant and haunting.

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"Pay only cursory attention to "Mother", and you might end up thinking that it's a five-minute advertisement for the quite frankly hellish pastime known as running. An unusually tasteful advertisement, it should be noted, soundtracked with Hollow Twin's rainy-Sunday vocals and morphine-drip guitars and drums."-Mike Usinger, The Georgia Straight

"Hollow Twin, reigning dark folk/rock queens of British Columbia, are honest in hardship – the escape of an abusive relationship, protecting and hoping for a savior. Remains of a prior self, an understanding of character and an inevitable downfall. It is power, a privilege that does not belong to us. I always admire what the pair is able to create with a gloomy palette. Far from just a haunting sound, it finds a bigger space for realization."-Chloe Hoy, The Permanent Rain Press

"If you didn’t catch the EP release party at The Biltmore Cabaret on January 26, you might have missed the spooky musical energy that ties Wosk and Watts together as Hollow Twin. It’s a palpable vibration that punctuates their performance."
- Kristi Alexandra, Loose Lips Magazine

 "A Hollow Twin performance is a haunting, almost orchestral-like experience. There were six people on-stage led by vocalist Becky Wosk, who was very confident and naturally dominating in presence while performing. They are similar in tone to Vancouver’s own Good For Grapes, or even some eras of Fleetwood Mac."-Cazzy Lewchuk, The Permanent Rain Press







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